Jesus and Me – scriptually correct?

I’m not sure how this became an issue. “Jesus and Me” is a book of fiction, not another attempt to add to the New Testament. Yes, I do believe I was inspired to write the story, but I think all authors write through a passion for the story they’re presenting. Passion comes from inspiration, and that, in turn, comes from God.

This is a story about the early life of Jesus before He started His mission. We know about the circumstances surrounding His birth, escape to Egypt, and His visit at 12 at the Temple, and nothing for the next 18 or so years.

Although I used the information we do have from the NT, and extensive research in Jewish life during the first century, this is, in no way an attempt to add to the Bible as we know it.

It is, however, an attempt to show a Jesus who was real. A human Jesus, who laughed and played, and got into trouble with the local authorities. A popular Jesus, who, just like his neighbors and family, enjoyed a good story, meeting people, and learning from others.

It’s about the Jesus hinted at in the scriptures. The Jesus who was the popular guy who lived among us. The human with a twist – He was God’s only son.

Did Jesus say anything new?

Almost everything that Jesus preached in the NT can be traced back to teachings in the Torah and our Old Testament. The differences lie in His  proclamation that He  is the Son of God and the Messiah. He also laid the foundation for acceptance of Gentiles through His actions, but He was a Jew first and taught to the Jews almost exclusively. For this reason, whenever we speak or think of Jesus we must remember that He was a Jew of His time first and foremost. He was the Jewish Messiah before He was our Savior. He could not be anything else if He were to accomplish His mission and be both God and Man.